PayPal A-Z🇳🇬: The best selling PayPal ebook in Nigeria 2019

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PayPal Account That Can send, Receive and also withdraw to Nigeria bank at the Rate of 365/$ Cost 10,000Naira only. 📢Whatsapp Me

We have one of the Best selling PayPal ebook online. Which is Titled PAYPAL a-z🇳🇬 And am very sure you need it just like every other Nigerian youth does.

From this PDF file, you will learn so much about paypal and gain many bonus offers worth more than the named price if sold somewhere out there.

I could have tell more enticing stories about paypal just like other marketers does, perhaps to fuel your interest. But trust me am just too lazy to wast all that time here because i believe my readers know me. Instead i will write another helpful blog post to my readers as usual.

But one thing i want you to know is that, We always give the best and you should have known that even before now unless you aren’t one of our follower. Everything you will get from this guide are very helpful, needful, Unique and interesting so don’t even have second taught wither to buy or not all because this page is not filled with so much screenshots and writeups.


Every step is clearly written with HD screenshots and easy writeups for easy understanding.

  • ❤️Steps to Create Both Business and Personal PayPal account in Nigeria which Can send and receive payments worldwide and also withdraw to Nigeria Bank without VPN:

I will show you the best country that support paypal to bank withdrawal in Nigeria when applied and also show you the exact method to make that country PayPal account both business and personal here in Nigeria without VPN.

  • ❤️Untold Tips to Keep your PayPal Account safe from unnecessary Ban and Suspensions.

You will be amazed at some simple tips no one has ever told you about paypal and they are making you get limited almost every time. These tips will give you additional 50% safety from PayPal limitations.

  • ❤️You will learn the various types of Nigeria Cards that works for paypal withdrawal, how to acquire the commonly used one and activate it for paypal withdrawal.

Have tested and confirmed about four different types of Cards that works for paypal withdrawal here in Nigeria. Though they only work for specific countries.

That means if you acquire and link those cards to other countries paypal beside the Noted ones, It won’t show u the option to withdraw. You will learn the support cards and countries and how to make your account based on such countries from Nigeria through this guide

  • ❤️Guides to Link Your Card and How to Initiate Your First withdrawal after linking Card and Things to Note.

I will show u things to know about your card, and how to link the Card to your PayPal account and test your first withdrawal.


MY bonus offers are worth more than the amount you are paying if they should be sold because they are one in town informations. But am giving them to my clients for free here.

  • ⁉️I will Give you the same contact through which i buy SSN Documents for 30$ and sell them $100 and above online without complains:

SSN documents are very essential when making US paypal account and these days, there’s no way you can create a US paypal account without SSN.

It’s not cheap to get SSN documents online as a non citizen but i have a source through which i buy my social security number(ssn) documents for as low as $30 and sell them cheap at $100. My clients are still happy.

They are happy because you can’t get real SSN documents which includes US driving license for less than $200 online.

  • ❓One Best Practice to Make Paypal Money: I will show you practically one means through which anyone can earn paypal money online even if you’re a total newbie.

Am sure you wouldn’t want to get a paypal account without making money with it. Though it’s what almost every real paypal earners does but you haven’t learnt it yet am sure.

  • ⁉️How to make virtual Credit Cards in Your Name which will last 3yrs before expiration.

You can create Virtual cards for people while you make money, You can create virtual cards for paypal verification sake.

Am going to show you how to make 3yrs duration Virtual Card which can be used for paypal instant confirmation.

  • ❓Two Best Places to officially Sell your PayPal Funds at the best rate without meeting individual exchangers.

When you are tired of selling your PayPal Funds to individuals because of slow payment and cheap rate, You can use companies and organizations specialized in buying and selling PayPal Funds at the best rate which we have very few online among which many are scam.

Though if you learn the withdrawal to bank, this might not be useful but u just have to know it as a backup and additional knowledge. I will show you two legit websites to fund your wallet with paypal and cashout in Naira.

  • ❓I Will also Show you How to send and receive PayPal payments without having your own PayPal account registered on

Sounds strange? But that’s old invention by a Nigerian which very few have learned about. You will have your own Virtual email through which you can receive, send and withdraw Pay-Pal money directly to Nigeria Bank.

I know so much about paypal and i have my own PayPal account but i still have my virtual address because it gives me ease than paypal. Nothing like limitation for life.

You Are going to Acquire all of the above knowledge with just 10,000 Naira (don’t stop reading got some proofs for you)

Am aware that 10,000 Naira is small compared to what you will learn here. But if you look closely at this website, you will see that we give things worth money for free and those ones which we sell, we sell them very cheap so anyone can afford them not because we don’t know how to name big prices just like other internet marketers.

How to withdraw from PayPal in Nigeria (proofs) 2019

If you’ve been using PayPal for long you will know that even when you link your card, you won’t get the withdraw to Card option when trying to withdraw your funds. Am sure you’re aware of that.

I will show you a particular Card and how to Acquire this Card for free apart from the other working cards which i will make mention of. When you link it to your PayPal account you will see the withdraw to Card option. All you need is just select your Card as the payment option and expect your alert in less than 24hrs

Though they usually say more than that but it don’t take long as proclaimed officially on their website. (I have tested it and it comes in less than 12hrs in most occasions). Even some friends do get theirs in less than 10munites. Check out below shots.

withdraw from PayPal in Nigeria

Below screenshot were the experiment made. You can check them out.

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PayPal Account That Can send, Receive and also withdraw to Nigeria bank at the Rate of 365/$ Cost 10,000Naira only. 📢Whatsapp Me

After the above self experiments, i needed to be sure if my discovery didn’t work by fortune so i contacted a good friend and showed him the steps to follow in order to get it done and after testing it, it worked perfectly.

Below was the reply on WhatsApp with the screenshot of his PayPal having the withdraw to Card option after linking up the Card.

After the linking of his Card, i asked him to Do some transactions to be sure it goes well.

Below is the transaction of $25 made.

And here’s the alert from his Bank after the transaction.

There are two Cards methods, While the above method show up almost instantly, the second method takes around 24hrs.i will tell you the disadvantages of the instant payment Card.

Bellow is the withdrawal and alert screenshots. Withdrawn 44$ And PayPal takes their Charge $5 (for every withdrawal you make wither small or big, PayPal always take $5).

From Some Clients

The Bad News: Not everyone Can afford this

Even after reading the whole good news above, the breaking news is ” Not everyone will be able to afford this” Though it’s cheap compared to the importance and relevancies.

The price for this guide is ₦10,000 (Packed on Web and PDF)

(The Card is absolutely Free to acquired but you need to fund with at least 1k naira because of paypal activation charges )

Are you interested in learning how to withdraw your PayPal funds directly to your Nigeria Bank at the rate of 360/$? You can message me.

Please, Don’t chat me to ask if am trustworthy or legit (i don’t tolerate that) In addition, the above price is not negotiable.

This is not a guest post from any other author: I the owner of Paypal Exchanger made this post and If you cannot trust me,you can go from here without hitting my inbox.

PRICE: ₦10,000

See you in my inbox.

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