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A Brief Description Of The Unique Kraft Box Packaging

Kraft paper is the most commonly used material in wrapping. Whether used to wrap lunches or cold cuts, as a delivery liner, or as a rigid cardboard box, kraft box packaging offers limitless utility at an affordable price. The common brown material has long been a staple for countless businesses. But what is kraft paper, and in what way did it all start?

What is kraft paper?

Kraft paper has its name not because it is ideal for arts and crafts (though it is), but because of the method used. Paper production begins with the conversion of wood-producing wood pulp. The kraft process sulphates the pulp, considerably improving its strength. In German, Kraft means’strength.’ Because of its long lifespan and cost-effectiveness, it swiftly became the most preferred packaging material in practically every industry.

Advantages of Using Kraft Box Packaging

  • Strength

Kraft paper is sturdy, thick, and long-lasting due to its kraft pulping technique. Kraft material, used as cardboard with corrugations for custom boxes, provides the durability and impact resistance required to handle substantial objects such as canned foods, mugs, and cans.

  • Environmentally Friendly –

Kraft boxes are an excellent starting point for your company’s transition to green packaging. They are made from environmentally sourced corrugated cardboard that is 100% recyclable. Chemical operations are likewise reduced to a minimum. Using kraft boxes reduces your packaging’s environmental impact.

  • Affordable

Kraft cardboard with corrugation is a cost-effective option because it eliminates bleaching during production. Aside from keeping expenses low, it keeps its original colour and texture, giving it a rustic and artisan appearance. Even with its resilience, kraft paper is lightweight, which helps to keep transportation costs low.

  • Cost-Effective:

Natural kraft paper is cheaper than plastic packaging. Even if they are stronger and more durable than conventional paper, their weight does not increase. The kraft box packaging material will be inexpensive to ship. Purchasing kraft boxes wholesale can significantly benefit a company of any size. Bulk purchases result in much lower prices.

kraft box packaging

  • Customisable

Paper kraft packaging is available in several colours, sizes, and shapes. Organic kraft paper is also print-friendly. Modern printing technology allows you to personalise your package in various ways. Logos, attractive designs, and additional product data can be printed directly onto the material.

Custom kraft boxes with personalised prints typically cost more. If you want to personalise your boxes without spending too much money, you can use stickers, ribbons, and even stamps instead.

Using Kraft paper not only improved the client experience but also helped them reduce their environmental impact and waste, resulting in a win-win scenario for both the company and the environment.

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