A Guide to the Factors when Hiring New Employees

A Guide to the Factors when Hiring New Employees

In the beginning of your career as an employer, there are several factors to consider. When hiring, what steps should you take to ensure you find the best candidate? And how can you maximize their effectiveness once you’ve put them to work? For an easy hiring process, visit Compono Australia now to know more.

While it may seem like a waste of time and money for a small business to focus on employment law, this article demonstrates that doing what’s best for your employees really makes your business more efficient and helps you avoid lengthy and expensive tribunal proceedings.

Learn the Rules

If you fire someone, you should have a valid reason and be able to prove that you treated them fairly.

Get an Employment Agreement in Order

Avoid future confusion by putting the terms of an employee’s contract in writing. Most employees have a legal right to receive a written summary of the primary provisions of their employment contract from their employer within two calendar months of beginning employment. Pay, time off, and other benefits should all be spelled out.

Charge reasonable salaries

Find out what other people are charging and give some thought to your budget. Don’t assume that a person’s ‘total compensation’ only consists of their base income or hourly wage; it may also include benefits like a pension, loans, and even subsidized transportation and meals. The National Minimum Wage must be paid to all employees beginning with their first day of work. Each year, rates are reevaluated.

Find and hire the best candidates

Find the appropriate people to fill your open positions by writing a detailed job description that includes a list of all the traits and skills you’re looking for in a candidate. Use the internet, local newspapers, and employment agencies to your advantage when advertising for a job. Prospective employees have the right to an environment free from discrimination based on their gender, race, disability, sexual orientation, religion and belief, age, gender reassignment, marriage, civil partnership, pregnancy, or maternity status.

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Get off to a good start with proper induction and training.

Help new employees feel at home quickly by introducing them to their responsibilities, team members, and the workplace. The issue of training must be one of constant importance. Particularly helpful in fostering employee growth is training for line managers.


Workers must be well-informed on the nature of their work, the company, and the goods or services it offers. Employees have a right to know not only how they are performing on the job, but also the specifics of their employment agreement, including the disciplinary and grievance process. Greater emphasis is being placed on the role that communication plays in fostering a culture where workers feel valued and invested in the organization for which they work.

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