Falcon- A Company that Provides Fire Safety

Fire safety is a must, whether at your home or workplace. One cannot be comfortable or at peace unless and until there are some arrangements made for the same. For such a purpose, Falcon comes to our rescue. The company is known for protecting lives by providing extinguishers and fire safety kits for homes and workplaces. It is also known for providing FSSD submission of plans related to fire safety at commercial safety works.

When a company requires fire safety work in their building, they need to apply to FSSD according to the Fire Safety Act. No one can submit this application but only the registered engineers and architects. Falcon helps the company get permission.

Falcon for Residential and Commercial Use


Being around 50 years in the market, this fire safety company covers you, whether for your house or workplace. It provides various products such as Fire Extinguishers, hose reels, detectors, etc., to protect you, your family, colleagues, and employees from the fire or provide them enough time to escape from such a situation.

The company provides:

  • Fire Extinguishers of High Quality
  • Fire Protection Solutions and Kits
  • Fire Systems that keep you Safe and Protected from the accidents
  • Servicing and refilling Extinguishers for reusing them
  • Home Safety to keep you and your loved ones protected

Why Trust Falcon?

The company has become one of the top fire protection specialists for its high-quality products and services. Following are some reasons why one can choose its products and services:

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  • Decades of experience

The company has around five decades of experience in the market. The time led to the production of better products, according to the need and requirements of the situation.

  • Free Delivery

The brand ensures free delivery when one makes a purchase of $70 and above.

  • High-Quality Products

In the case of fire accidents, one cannot compromise the quality of the products. Falcon provides the best products that meet the company’s high standards.

  • Top Fire Protection Specialist

The brand is famously known for providing the best fire protection equipment to keep you and your family safe and protected from fire accidents.

  • Safety Approved

The company’s fire extinguishers and other products are approved and certified by SETSCO, LPCB, and SCDF Complaint. Thus, the safety of the equipment is approved.

The decades of experience, top-quality products, and certification by LPCB, SCDF, and SETSCO make Falcon one of the leading fire protection specialists in the town. Big companies like Mcdonald’s, Mount Alvernia Hospital, and many more reputed companies also use their products and services. Thus, one can trust Falcon to stay protected from fire accidents at home or in commercial places.

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