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How to get the best Metal locker supplier in Malaysia

Metal locker suppliers are abundant in the market these days. Considering metal locker supplier is one of the most important hardware for school, offices, and other places. That’s why if you are looking for a metal locker supplier, TMB Group is a good place to be. TMB group dedicated to metal lockers for 10 years now and all of their products comply with international security standards.TMB Group offer to hang on type lockers that can be used as 1-tier or 2 tiers system where they are hinged together at two points to allow them to swing open like a book when opened and closed by lifting on the top hinge point or by pulling down on the bottom hinge point respectively. TMB Group also offer different sizes and materials for their locker. They have got a wide range from 3 doors and 2 doors to 4 doors lockers, 2 door wall mounted lockers, child lockers, and all other material types that are available in the market.

metal locker supplier malaysia

Some top tips to find the best Metal locker supplier in Malaysia:

  • Do check the company website to know what they have to offer and the specifications that their lockers can carry.
  • Do check out their feedback, if there are any existing customer who has bought lockers from any companies directly on their website.
  • Do check the dimensions of lockers, you may need to get a custom-sized locker if you are buying from a new company especially if you are buying from a shop that is not specialized in industrial or school lockers and needs to find a locker in a hurry. You might also want to consider getting an item as a gift before it comes up for sale again due to its special features.
  • Do check out to see if the company that you are buying from specializes in metal locker supplier or if they are just selling it as an additional item.
  • Do check out to see if they have any additional services such as delivery service, installation service, repair service, and maintenance service.
  • Do check out to see how flexible the company is such as its policy for returning, resizing, or modifying items due to needing a change in the customer end since lockers can only be returned once at most companies no matter what their policies say.
  • Do check out to see if their facility is well equipped with lifting jibs, forklifts, and other lifting equipment to remove the lockers from their factory if in case you need to move them yourself. Every company has its unique way of quality inspection and therefore will have different actual manufacturing requirements.
  • Do check out the locker time frame for delivery, it should be a minimum of 1-2 weeks upon the purchase order acceptance period. This will give you ample time for payment at the most important time when you are buying your locker.
  • Do check how long they can keep your locker in stock before they make a complete inventory count of all lockers ordered.


Thus, the above tips you can use to find the best metal locker supplier malaysia. In addition, a great deal is not always the most affordable one. You should know that, and then you will get what you need with comfort.

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