Is Asia Pulp And Paper A Sustainable Company?

Is Asia Pulp And Paper A Sustainable Company?

Asia Pulp and Paper Company Limited is a publicly listed company established in Singapore on October 12, 1994, a Wednesday. The Golden Agri Plaza property is where the company’s registered headquarters is located. The company has been operating for 28 years and is currently in a live operating position. Bank and financial holding businesses, including insurance holding firms, are this company’s primary businesses, with insurance holding firms being its secondary businesses.

About the Company

Asia Pulp and Paper Company (APP), one of the world’s biggest pulp and paper businesses, is in charge of providing high-quality goods to satisfy the expanding demand for tissue, wrapping, and paper worldwide. Their products can be found in customers’ hands in many different branded versions on any given day.

Turnover of this Business

They began in the 1970s with Tjiwi Kimia generating caustic soda. Today, they operate throughout China and Indonesia with an annual capacity of approximately 19 million metric tonnes for pulp, paper, and packing materials. Currently, APP markets its goods across six continents and more than 120 nations.

Asia Pulp and Paper

Through the establishment and expansion of numerous pulp and paper factories, they have greatly expanded their activities over the years. They have increased their market shares in paper sales globally and expanded their presence by opening offices in numerous nations, thanks to their dedication to client satisfaction. The company holds that “tradition and modernization go hand in hand,” which implies that the asia pulp and paper industry is ready to integrate the modern ideas of innovation and productivity. They respect long-lasting connections as part of their Eastern traditions.

How does the SEC keep a check on its eco-friendly supply?

The upgraded Green Label certification from the Singapore Environment Council (SEC) has been awarded to APP, signaling that they manufacture environmentally friendly products. A team of SEC inspectors and its assigned auditors, the sustainability experts at Control Union, evaluated APP suppliers from December 2017 until March 2018 to ensure they were following improved production standards.

APP ensures customers that all the fiber required to manufacture paper is sourced from plantations. The suppliers claim not to have engaged in forest fires. The company has also installed stringent procedures for managing fire and peatlands.

Sustainability is essential to APP’s operation as a manufacturer of pulp and paper goods used worldwide. Paper is environmentally safe, recyclable, and biodegradable. When combined with ethical forestry methods, the company provides sustainable products that help build a better future. To ensure a better future, asia pulp and paper aspires to promote ethical business practices throughout their worldwide missions and supply chains by collaborating with local people and safeguarding forests and biodiversity.

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