Sugar, Spice and Everything Nice of Website Designing

While browsing through the internet, we all have come across several websites. Every website has a garb of its own with its unique design and hues. But, have you ever wondered why a certain website looks the way it looks? Or, how it is tailored to look a certain way? Simply put, do you have any idea aboutwebsite designing?

What is Web Designing?

So, what is website designing or web designing? It is the art of creating websites that are aesthetically pleasing and easily navigable at the sametime. The explorers or users of a website should be able to grasp the creator’s message or idea without ending up being bored. So, a website designer must blend all the available ingredients meticulously like a chef to prepare a wholesome design.

The Elements of Web Designing

The principal ingredients at the disposal of a website designer are of two categories, namely:

  • Visual elements
  • Functional elements

Visual Elements

The visual elements of a website are those that can attract and retain the attention of its visitors, users or explorers. These elements are:

  • Colours- Depending on the purpose or message behind a website, a designer must choose a suitable colour scheme.
  • Layout- It should be such that it enhances the functionality of a website. It should neither be too simple and plain nor too complex.
  • Shapes- Designers must keep the website layout in mind while choosing the shapes.
  • Fonts- The choice of fonts should be in keeping with the colour scheme and layout of a website.
  • Images and videos- These are some crucial elements in terms of retaining the attention of the audience.

Functional Elements

The functional elements of a website are very important in terms of ensuring a seamless user experience. These elements include:

  • Navigation- A website with good navigation will allow users to explore it easily.
  • User Interface and Experience- If users can interact with a website effortlessly, the user interface can be regarded as effective.
  • Site structure- An easily navigable website is the one with a good site structure.
  • Browser and device compatibility- A well-designed website is one which functions smoothly on different browsers and devices.

An excellent user experience and a decent site ranking are the chief goals of an effective website design.The work of website designers is hardly different from that of fashion designers or interior designers or of artists for that matter. Website designing is essentially an art and only skilled craftsmen in this field can design visually appealing and user-centric websites.

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