What Are The Benefits Of A Technology Recruitment Agency?

What Are The Benefits Of A Technology Recruitment Agency?

Jobs in the technological sector are difficult to fill. The high demand of people, coupled with a shortage of candidates who are qualified for the job, has made hiring and finding the right person for a company’s position more difficult than ever.  However, a technology recruitment agency singapore specializing in IT placements provides an organization with many advantages. These are mentioned hereafter:

Benefits of a technology recruitment agency 

  • Qualified candidates

A recruitment agency for technology has complete access to a pool of candidates that the job postings of an organization cannot simply reach. This access includes peer referrals, passive job-seekers, candidates from outside the regular area geographically, and various candidates in between.

An IT recruitment agency helps pre-screen the candidates with the required technical assessments, verification of competencies and skills on behalf of the company hiring people, saving money, time, and administrative efforts.

  • Reduced time for hiring

Vacancies are very costly for any organization. They tend to hurt the customer service initiatives, revenue, and sales, not to mention the overall productivity and morale of the employees scrambling to cover the deliverables until a particular position they wish to possess is filled.

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The average time required for hiring a person for a position that has been left vacant tends to hover at around 25-30 days, irrespective of the industry in question. However, this average tends to nearly double to around 56 days in information technology.

  • Try before you decide to buy

Various staffing agencies are known to place all prospective candidates on a trial basis, also referred to as temp-to-perm or contract to hire employees. Under such an arrangement, a qualified candidate can easily be placed at a company for a trial period for a limited time. At the end of this trial period, an offer of employment permanently might be extended.

This helps to make sure that the decision to hire someone permanently is only made by such an employee who is deemed fit with the department and the organization, along with the temperament for succeeding in the position, correct competencies, and skills to be successful for the position.


With the right technology recruitment agency singapore, a person can successfully find the perfect talent available for job opportunities that might be challenging to possess.

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