Workplace Discrimination

Workplace Discrimination Singapore: How To Spot It And What To Do About It

In this modern age, there’s still unfortunately an awful lot of discrimination in the workplace. Sexual harassment and ageism are just two common examples of workplace discrimination, but employers are often also biased against employees based on their race, religion, disability status or sexual orientation. If you believe you have been discriminated against in the workplace, it’s important to know what action you can take in response. Here are some tips on how to spot discrimination in the workplace and what you can do about it when you see it.

Gender, Sexuality & Religion

The first thing you need to be sure of is if it is discrimination. If your co-workers are teasing you because they’re uncomfortable around homosexuals, they may just be teasing you. If they’re putting their hands on your breast and saying no homo, they’re not doing it because they don’t like gay people. The real problem is that our society has normalized offensive language. In a lot of cases, someone will say something offensive without even realizing it. This doesn’t mean they hate you or have ill intent towards you; they probably just didn’t think about what they were saying. You can confront them by asking them what they meant by their comment or statement. Most people will understand that there was a problem with what they said and apologize for hurting your feelings.

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Race & Ethnicity

Workers of colour are more likely than whites to report having been discriminated against because of their race or ethnicity on several measures. Perhaps most notably, 37% of black workers say they’ve been treated unfairly at work because of their race or ethnicity, compared with 17% of white workers who say they have. Workers age 65 and older (9%) are less likely than younger workers (15%) to report discrimination based on age. They’re also less likely than younger workers to report workplace discrimination singaporebecause of their gender or religion/spirituality; about one-in-ten non-retired seniors say they’ve experienced each type of workplace discrimination. As was true for racial and ethnic minorities, women are significantly more likely than men to say they have experienced workplace discrimination.

Other Forms of Discrimination

You might think you’re just experiencing workplace discrimination. Maybe your boss always picks on you, or perhaps a colleague has been stealing credit for your work but there are plenty of other forms discrimination can take. Common examples include racial discrimination, sexual harassment, ageism, disability bias and religious intolerance. If you suspect any of these elements are at play at your job, speak with a manager or contact human resources immediately.It’s important to be aware of what constitutes workplace discrimination singapore so that you can properly report it.

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