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One thing you must always know is that Paypal funds cannot be available every time you want them and in which ever volume you need, and that’s because we have many customers worldwide who does buy funds from us.

If you need funds, all you have to do is fill in the form below with your real details and we will send you payment link based on the amount of funds you want.

Once your payment is confirmed, we send the funds to your PayPal email within 30munites maximum….. We don’t sell anything below $50.

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What happen if we don’t have funds available or have less than demanded?

In a case where we don’t have what you demand, we get back to you with the available ones, and you can buy if you still need them or wait while we get some funds to meet your demand.

AND if we don’t have at all, we will also message you about the current situation and also let you know when it will be available. We send you notifications with payment link when the funds are available.

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