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Connect bank with paypal

How to Connect Paypal To bank Account In Nigeria

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It’s certain that every paypal user is expected to be in quest of how to connect paypal to bank account wither in Nigeria or outside Nigeria but the question remains “Is it really possible to link your local bank account from any country to PayPal directly and Withraw money safely?.

Why are you seeing in so many forums that paypal link bank function not working? Does it really mean one can no longer connect bank to PayPal without any risk?

Some years back when “paypal own by Ebay” newly started, there were so much functionalities that enhanced withdrawal to local bank from which ever country you dwell. But as time goes on, fraudulent acts increased, exchange rates began to cause problem, Some countries tagged it as illegal and against the law and many more challanges among which the fraudulent acts took the biggest part.

So paypal as a company began to remove some countries from their lists and that was how countries like Nigeria, Ghana and others were affected which makes it almost impossible for us to use PayPal if not the loopholes of using international countries during registration which you know very well isn’t perfect.

Even after creating Nigeria PayPal, some newbies keep asking same question “how to connect paypal to bank account” when you can’t even send or receive funds perfectly without issues using Nigeria PayPal. I want to make this clear to you, so that after now you will understand how bank linking works with paypal.

Do I Need To Link A Bank Account To Paypal to Receive Money

PayPal as an online payment gateway allows you to send and receive payment worldwide without linking your bank. There are two major reasons why people choose to link bank to PayPal.

  • To withdraw Money

    The sole aim of linking bank account to paypal is to enable you withdraw your funds from PayPal when they arrive.

    And am very sure this is the major reasons why searches for how to connect paypal to bank account increases daily. It’s certain you would want to get your money out after receiving them to your PayPal wallet.

  • To Raise Limit

    Some folks prefer using bank instead of linking Cards to raise transaction limits. And that’s because when you raise transaction limit with Card, You are lifted around 10,000 monthly transaction but when you use bank, It’s unlimited transaction.

    Therefore, individuals and companies who handles large monthly funds are expected to use bank for confirmation instead of the normally used card.

Wither you link bank or not, You can still make transactions provided you have raised your limit by linking and confirming any of your debit or credit cards. Though you can still send and receive without doing that but you will be limited to $500 monthly transaction with risk since you are tagged unverified user by PayPal. Now let’s get back to the talk of the day “how to connect paypal to bank account”

How To Connect Paypal To Bank Account

Currently, only USA PayPal allows Bank linking. Even UK which formally worked is now getting issues. Keep showing error while linking payoneer bank.

The US account can only work with US bank (real or virtual) and not your local bank. If you intend linking your local bank, even if it goes through you won’t be able to withdraw to the bank as there will be no option for that.

As a non US residence using US paypal account, the best way to connect your bank since you can’t possibly own an account in US is opening a payoneer account which gives you virtual US Bank both account number and routing number from any country of yours.

With this, You will be able to withdraw from your US paypal to your linked payoneer and from the payoneer to your local bank. If you’ve got someone trustworthy in the United States whom you can use their bank, that’s still better.

Connecting bank to a non US paypal account aren’t working at the moment but you can still withdraw from other PayPal like “UAE, Lesotho, Morocco, Iceland to your local bank. Let me show you how it’s done.

How To Connect Paypal To Bank Account in Nigeria

If you live in Nigeria and you use any of these paypal Accounts listed above or others , I will show you how to link Your card and withdraw with your card since banks don’t work.

This guide is only discussed on our Paypal eBook you can check it out.

With this you will be able to withdraw directly from PayPal to your Bank ATM cards where you have full control of your funds.

Conclusion: How To Connect Paypal To Bank Account

Stop linking your Nigeria or any other local bank directly to PayPal because it no longer work if it has been working before now.

The only thing you can link with paypal here in Nigeria is your Card. Am referring to Nigerians using international PayPal accounts like lesotho, Morocco, South Africa, Iceland, UAE etc.

And don’t border yourself if your linked cards are not able to withdraw because paypal don’t work that way and that’s why you need our PayPal ebook to show you how to Acquire the cards that work for paypal withdrawal free, and how to activate them for paypal use. Check out here.

Am sure the above post has cleared your doubt about linking your local bank with paypal and am also sure you’ve learned the major reasons behind the error message while trying to link bank. Please share this page if you love it.

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