Claim paypal funds without SSN

How To Claim Money on Paypal Without SSN Proof

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If you’ve ever come across the SSN (Social Security Number) issue which mostly occurs to USA newly made PayPal accounts, You will probably be asking for how to claim money on paypal without ssn because once that happens, your money seem stucked not until you provide a valid SSN.

As a Nigerian or other non US residence Who’s using USA PayPal accounts, It can be very difficult to Bypass the SSN limitation unless you have your SSN documents.

Getting SSN Documents for PayPal verification as a non Citizen aren’t Cheap at all:( We do sell SSN and other Docs to make your USA PayPal account at the rate of $100) With this you will have no issue when creating your Verified USA PayPal account. You can contact us for your Documents if you need them for PayPal verification.

Once you get your Documents ready, and PayPal ask for them, all you have to do is submit them for review and your account will be unlocked again. It will please me to unveil to you that until you get your Documents you will never use PayPal in peace without facing limitations.

Don’t border searching for “how to remove ssn from paypal” When this issue arises because without you providing your SSN documents there’s no way to Bypass that as far as PayPal is concerned.

What are the Effects of SSN limitations on PayPal.

Once PayPal place the SSN limitation on your PayPal account, You will never notice it until You receive some payments.

As soon as you receive payment, Instead of the Funds showing up as usual in your available Balance, There will be a button under the Funds telling you to Claim the Funds.

Once the Claim Button Shows up, You will not be able to send out the available funds or use them for online shopping not until you provide your SSN documents.

Does it really make any sense not been able to Send out or use your funds for online shopping? No no No and that’s the major reason why everyone in this instance is curiously searching for “How to Bypass PayPal SSN limitations”

How To Claim Money On Paypal Without Ssn

Is PayPal asking for SSN proof? If yes, There’s just two ways to go about that which are:

Provide your SSN Documents and make your PayPal ready for use again or Claim the money from the PayPal account without any SSN proof.

Like i said Earlier, We do sell SSN documents for $100 but if you can’t afford to buy them but only want to Claim your money from the PayPal account then here’s how to go about it.

As soon as your payoneer Bank is linked with your PayPal account, The next step is to Claim your money.

To Claim your money on PayPal without SSN, Simply Login your PayPal account , Click On the Claim Button and you will be taken to the page where You will be asked if you want to Claim the money to your Bank or to your PayPal balance.

Select the option to Claim money to your Bank: Enter the amount and Select your payoneer Bank as your Bank option.

Then complete the process to transfer the funds to your payoneer Account. It might show u some sort of error message. ignore it and go back to check your transaction history if the transfer was successful since it will show up as pending transfer. in the new Few hrs, Expect your money moved to your payoneer Account.

Alternative to using Payoneer Bank in Claiming your SSN funds

If you don’t have payoneer account but you’ve got a real USA bank account, then that’s even better as you can just link your Bank account and withdraw.

If you also have someone in US who can help you take the funds with their US bank and send to your destination, That’s still better. Link the account of the person and initiate the withdrawal via the claim button.

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PayPal Account That Can send, Receive and also withdraw to Nigeria bank at the Rate of 365/$ Cost 10,000Naira only. 📢Whatsapp Me

Conclusion: How To Claim Money On Paypal Without Ssn

All you need is a payoneer Account linked with your PayPal, Then claim your money to the linked payoneer.

Another Question you might be asking is “How to Withdraw from your payoneer Account in Nigeria” A blogger wrote about that here

With the above guide and tips, You’ve successfully learnt How To Claim Money On Paypal Without Ssn.

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