There are many sources through which you can sell your PayPal Funds online among which many are scam and others are legit.

There’s nothing more difficult than selling your PayPal Funds especially when you’re making the first time customer. that’s because of the too many scammers online.

That’s one reason why withdrawing your PayPal Funds to bank remains the best option as that will save you from falling for scam. (I can teach you that upon your request. COST to learn how to withdraw from PayPal to bank in Nigeria, Ghana, Kenya, South Africa, Morocco,Lesotho etc is $50 for international clients and 10,000naira for Nigeria clients.) You can use our contact page here

I will not only show you how to withdraw your PayPal money to bank but will also show you some official and legit places to sell your PayPal Funds for Naira apart from using this page.

Our buying rate remains 270/$ and the rate is not negotiable. It’s fixed for now. If it happens to change in the future, we will surely update this page.

As for the question “How soon will i get payment after sending,? YOU get payment 40munites maximum after seeing your funds credit to our PayPal account.

We have been legit paypal Exchanger for long and have a happy customer base. As such, we don’t tolerate questions like” how can i trust u and the likes” be sure you will be happy doing business with us now and afterward. But if you can’t trust this website as a good place to sell your funds, kindly exit this page.

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