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  1. sir after clicking on link a bank it direct me to the page I will enter the routine number direct. Didn’t show list of banks.

  2. I am USA cititezen and right away now l lives in Sri lanka. My USA pp is verified. But it doesnt have bank cause i only have payoneer. Right away i withdraw with paypal debit card. When try to add a VBA it asks phone number. When add phone number they say phone id not matcing…any suggestions.. Thanks loved the blog

    1. If Your Mobile Number is not USA Phone number it may not Go through. In that case you may need to request help from someone in USA for phone confirmation if you can’t get hold of US number in your present location.

      Alternative to that, You can buy virtual US phone numbers online for paypal verification. Some free services like TextNow, Text Plus, Google Voice also issue free USA number.

      If you still need more clarification regarding the above or if your question is not clearly answered, You can let me know.

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